Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Porcelain Life

Today was one of those days, as a parent, I kept wishing I could freeze time. As we celebrated Cola's second birthday at Disney, I was hopeful for a spectacular "magical day" where her priceless expressions wouldn't fade and her heartwarming laughter would echo forever. The day was hers but the more we gave her the day love seeped through the minutes and made it ours. I watched Dalen struggle to let her have her complimentary "Happy Birthday" button from guest services and stand patiently while she got a birthday phone call from Goofy and I felt at that moment if I loved him anymore my heart would burst.
It's these moments.

So moving, few and far between - the older they get.

It's these moments that we draw strength from in the struggle of life. We drink from their rays that still warm us years later when we find ourselves in a sunless state. It's these moments that make grace that much more tangible because to be this blessed is just not deserving.
These moments, that are so generous for years to come seem to ground us, propel us and it isn't until tragedy strikes we realize these moments aren't as endless and strong as we hoped. They are like fine china, beautiful yet fragile. They must be cradled like a baby, cherished, nurtured because before to long forever cheats us and they begin to transform into a "has been". Just like a newborn, the person is the same yet the face changes greatly over time and we forget those early smiles, first laughs and hopes for forever.
The only way to savor the taste of today is by letting the emotion of the memory marinate in your heart forever, refusing to allow bitterness or resentment or sadness or time handle these gracious happenings roughly.

As your children grow older and like you less and tell you more than you can handle, cleanse the hurt with these moments of porcelain, refresh your mind with the sweet and faint echo of their laughter, and purify your love for them with the unconditional grace you had for them when they were too young to know better.


Handle it all with care.

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